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If you would like like to go on my kitten waiting list, Please contact me, thanks. Kittens are offered to my waiting list first.
Willow x Mozzy kitten page is now up live - please see below
We have mated a few girls... Watch this space 😊
Willow x Mozzy Kittens - All kittens are now reserved.  
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Willow x Mozzy Kittens - All kittens are now reserved.
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I plan to retire the following cats by the end of this year.  In the case of the girls it will be when they have had a litter of kittens and weaned the babies.  in the case of the stud cat, he will be available once I know my up and coming boy is working.

I plan to retire Peanut and Nutella together.  They are sisters and have always been together.  They will be available after I have bred them this summer.  They are shy girls until they get to know you. They happily sit on you or beside you once they know you are their new family.  They would be fine with another cat in the house but would need more time to accept a quiet friendly dog.  I feel do to their quiet natures they will be best suited to families with older children or a couple.  They are sweet girls and really need to stay together so please do not ask me to separate them.  When they are ready to leave they will have vac, microchip and neutered before leaving here. BOTH GIRLS ARE STILL AVAILABLE DUE TO A TIME WASTER. 

Amauary is my most gorgeous cashmere stud.  It  is with a heavy heart I look for a forever home for this sweet boy.  He is the sweetest most friendly lad ever and who ever has him will enjoy his super cuddles and head butts.  Amauary could live with another girl with no issues but no boys as I basically do not think it is fair for an ex-stud to live with a boy when he has been used to girl company all his life. He would also be happy with a cat friendly dog.  He is really easy and would suit a family home with children any age or a couple.   He will leave me with vac, microchip and neutering done before leaving here. AVAILABLE 

I ask for £250 for a retired cat.  This covers the cost of neutering, microchip and vacs. if you are interested in any of these cats, please get in touch. I will take a non refundable deposit on reserving the cat and take the payment in full before the date of neutering.  The cats will then stay with me a few weeks after neutering to let them recover before being available to go to their forever homes. Any questions at all, please just ask.

Pet kittens are reserved with a £150 deposit.
Breeder kittens are reserved with a £400 deposit in the UK. 
Breeders overseas please ask for more details on reserving a kitten.

Pet kittens must be paid in full either by bank transfer before collection or cash on the day of collection, sorry we do not take cheques.

Breeder kittens (UK) must be paid in full before collection by bank transfer.
Breeder kittens (overseas) must be paid in full at pet passport time at around 11-12 weeks by bank transfer.

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