Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

All Towanreef kittens are of outstanding quality, type and temperament and leave us with a complementary kitten pack and information sheet.
Our kittens leave us for their new homes at between 13 and 14 weeks having received vaccinations against Flu and Enteritis. They will have had a course of worm treatment. They will be litter trained and socialised. They will also be registered with TICA when you take home your kitten. All our kittens are socialised with our family and friends. We do not allow our kittens to leave early or without vaccinations. All pet kittens will be neutered before leaving here.

If you have a question, it may be answered below. If not, please contact us.

Q/ What prices are Bengal kittens?

A/My Prices start at 850 for a bengal. 

Q/What prices are Cashmere kittens?

A/ My prices for a cashmere boy or girl, prices start at 1500 for a kitten. 

Q/  There is some wording on the kittens pages I dont understand

A/ Available means this kitten is available to reserve.
     Pending awaiting a deposit means someone has shown interest in the kitten but we are waiting on the deposit to arrive.
     Reserved means this kitten has now been reserved for someone and they have placed a deposit/holding fee on this kitten.
     Keeper means I am keeping this kitten for my own breeding program.

Q/How do I reserve a kitten?

A/A non-refundable deposit/holding fee will secure a specific kitten. A non-refundable deposit of £250 for non-breeding kittens and £500 for breeding kittens reserves the kitten of your choice. The deposit`s are un-refundable if you decide that you don`t want a kitten.  However if the kitten isnt available for some reason on my part, I will transfer the deposit to another kitten.  I reserve the right to have a change of mind and keep a kitten for my programme that has a deposit on it, in this case you can either wait for another kitten or have your deposit refunded. If I have cause for concern about the new kitten owners once meeting them, I have the right to cancel the booking on the kitten and retain the non-refundable deposit. Breeder enquiries will come first before pet enquiries. 

Q/ How do a reserve a retired adult? 

A/ You pay a 50 percent non refundable deposit to reserve.  With the remaining being due before the cat goes into the vets for neutering.  The cat will be available to collect around 3 weeks later after they have recovered from their neutering operation. 

Q/ Deposits are non refundable... Why? 

A/ All deposits are non refundable as stated on my website for kittens and adults as this secures the animal as being reserved.   As stated the deposit is non refundable, so do not ask to have this refunded.  By law this ties in with the consumer act.  I do reserve the right in certain cases to do a partial refund but keeping back money for my time wasted. 

Q/ When are kittens available to reserve?

A/ I offer my kittens as "available" at around 3/4 weeks when eyes are fully open.  You can reserve a kitten from photos at this stage with a deposit ... or of course you can choose to wait when the kittens are allowed visitors ... normally when they have been out their nesting box for around a week,  this would be when they are around 6 weeks old.  I will not hold a kitten without a deposit, sorry.

Q/When is full payment due?

A/Payment for pet kittens is required in my bank a week before a pet kitten is neutered. .  Payment for breeder kittens must be paid in full before the final stages of the pet passport vet checks (for oversea sales) are complete (at 11-12 weeks old).  Payment for breeder uk sales is required at 12 weeks. Payment by bank transfer is preferred for overseas sales and breeders using couriers to pick up their kittens.

If you wish for your kitten to stay longer than than "collection date" this can be arranged.  If it is a longer than a week, I will charge board (ten pounds a week per kitten) for the kitten during this time.



Q/ Can I get some more photos?

A/  We tend to take a couple of photos when the kittens are tiny and then move onto videos which i send personally to you over whats app.  We take videos every three weeks or so and update everyone that has booked a kitten.  And of course we are more than happy for you to take photos and videos when you visit your kitten.   I find videos easier once they are on their feet.  Once people are visiting their kitten i tend to leave you taking the "family" photos and don't update the photos on the website.   i dont restrict the videos so you can always photo capture on the videos i send you personally over whats app.

Q/ Covid ....what is your regulations on visits during this time?

A/ I am following government guidelines and I have decided to not allow any indoor visits or outdoor visits until fully out of all lockdown stages.  Collections will be outdoors and masks will be worn at all times.  I am doing this to safe guard myself and my family and all my animals. Thank you for understanding during this time. 

Q/ Can we come and visit?

A/ Visiting kittens can only take place once the litter is at least 6 weeks old. This is when the kittens have their eyes open and are moving around and you start to see their character forming. If you would like to visit, please contact us to arrange a convenient time. I encourage all new kitten owners to visit their kittens every 4 weeks so they see the different stages and can enjoy some cuddle time with their kitten.  I do visits only after 1pm each day as it takes me time to go round my cats, kittens, walk the dog, feed horses and of course do a bit of housework.  My last visit is 4/5pm (depending on the time of year) so i can then spend time with my family. I will have weekends that I'm busy with family, horse events or even being on kitten watch. I do my best to be flexible when I can.

A bit more about Visits....sadly due to some issues with visits in the past i have no choice to put this on my faqs.   We are all busy people ... most people are. We will arrange a time for you to come and see your kitten.   Please do not be late.  Turning up an hour late is unacceptable.    You wouldn't turn up to a doctor's appointment an hour late.  Please show me the same respect. I give you the postcode and some local directions at the time we arrange a visit.  Do your homework,   use google maps,  check your sat nav and make sure you know where you are going. I give you my mobile number,  text me or phone me if you are held up in traffic.   Being a little late is fine.... But polite to tell me of your new estimated time of arrival.   I am sorry i have to put this on here.... But after the last few visits I've had..... It was either put this on here... Or go completely insane 😁

When you visit, i know you are excited to visit your fur baby, but could i ask you not to bring your parents and your best friend, and the next door neighbour to visit the kitten in my home.  Yes I know you want them to meet your kitten but the visit is about YOU spending time with your kitten, not for your best friend to get a kitten cuddle.  I use the kitten visit to go over everything you need to know and to answer any questions.  This is impossible if my living room is full of lots and lots of people all talking at once and wanting a cuddle from one kitten.  So please, when you visit,  leave the extra family and extended family at home.  There will be plenty of time for them to see the kitten once you get it home.  The new owners and I need our one to one time with the visits to plan for the fur babys future.  I am often asked about children visiting, this is a difficult one,  I have met the most wonderful excited children who behave brillantly, and some that bounce about and scream with excitement which ends up with the parents getting fustrated ..  So can I ask,  if your child is exciteable, maybe have words before visiting.  

Q/ Can you hold a kitten until we can visit?

A/ We are pretty flexible about when you can visit, and if you can make it within 48 hours we'll hold off any reservations unless someone else was already interested - but we'll let you know this up front. But I will not hold a kitten for longer than 48hrs without a deposit, sorry. 

Q/ Do you health check your cats and cattery?

A/ Yes, of course I do.  I do spot checks for Coronaviruses every 6 months.  All my cats are either clear or have very low levels.  I wouldnt use a cat that had high levels in my breeding program.  I also test for PKdef and Pra-b. Please feel free to ask what the parents results are of your kittens.  I do not breed carrier to carrier so there is no chance of a kitten having the either disease.  I also do full yearly check ups with my own vet on all the cats.  This involves, vaccs, listening to heart, lungs and stomach, samples if needed and I am very lucky that my vet also can do a full body scan of the cat if needed.   If there was any problem then I would get sent to a specialist in Aberdeen or Edinburgh.  I am happy to report that all my cats are fit and healthy.

Q/ Can you ship my new kitten outside the UK?

A/ Yes we can. Look at www.defra.gov.uk

There is quite a bit of additional cost as the following will need to be performed:

· vaccination against rabies at 13 weeks old

- microchip is required

· a pet passport will be obtained

· your kitten would then board with us for between 21 to 28 days to comply with various laws (at extra cost) but most of Europe is just 21 days which i dont charge for.

· neutering can be performed if your kitten is a pet 

· a special animal shipping container will be purchased

· a further vet check is required a week before travel

· an airline ticket will need to be purchased (which we will organise for you but you pay for)

Costs change all the time so we would need to discuss your individual requirements before being able to give you an idea of the cost.

Q/ Do I have to neuter my kitten?

A/All my pet kittens are neutered before leaving here. The price of neutering your kitten is included in the price of the kitten.

Q/ Do you have a waiting list?

A/  I have a priority waiting list and a standard waiting list.  The priority waiting list you pay a the standard £250 deposit to go on the waiting list.  This deposit will be taken of the final price of your kitten and you will be offered kittens first.  The standard waiting list is the non-deposit waiting list.  The priority waiting list will be offered kittens before the standard waiting list.   Kittens will be offered to the waiting list first and then made available to general public after that via my website.

Q/ If I reserve a kitten can I name them?

A/ If the kitten’s names have not been registered at time of viewing, I have no problem letting the new owners choose a name for their kitten. Please bear in mind we cannot use a name we have already used with my Towanreef prefix, and we will not use a name we or TICA  find offensive. You are free to give them a family or pet name that you will use around the house, regardless of their pedigree name - for example one of our previous breeding girls pedigree name is Towanreef Treacle Dumpling her pet name is Dumpling.

Q/What do I get with my kitten?

A/ When you come and pick up your new family member they will be in good health, litter trained and will have been:

· vet checked three times 

· fully vaccinated

.  microchipped

. neutered

· de-wormed

· TICA registered

· well socialised & loved

Your kitten will also receive a kitten pack to take home with them.  information sheets are on the website for you to print out at home.

Q/What do I need to keep my kitten happy?

A/First of all you will need to obtain a pet carrier to be able to pick your kitten up. This will also be used when you go to the vet for check-ups 
A scratch post or cat activity centre of some description will save your furniture being used as a toy. Bengals enjoy sitting up high on things so a scratch post centre with a high platform or bed is a good idea.
Then there is the usual food and water bowls, hooded litter tray and lots of toys. We use wooden pellet cat litter.  

Q/Can I let my kitten outside?

A/ WHY ??? Bear in mind the price you have just paid for a pedigree kitten. Are you really sure you want to let them out? Is it safe out there? i prefer to sell to indoor homes only.  Nothing breaks my heart more than that phone call/email to say they have been ran over.  
Why not build a cat run attached to the house so you can open a window and let them go outside in a safe area. Or take them walks on a harness and lead. My stud cats loves their daily walks in his harness. Another fact for you, less than one percent of my kittens actually get outside and they all love being inside.

Q/When can I pick my new kitten up?

Kittens will not leave Towanreef  until they are between 12/13 weeks old - this is a ruling of the governing body TICA. Since we neuter your kittens before they leave,  they are normally 13 or 14 weeks before they can leave. 

Q/ How do I arrange to collect my kitten?

A/  All kitten collections/delivery are the responsility of the new owners, my earliest time for collecting is noon as I have my own animals to sort first in the morning before any collections. Most people collect their kitten themselves when the kitten is ready to go at 13\14 weeks old, but this isnt always possible due to distance, work or family commitments.  I have several pet couriers that i can recommend.  From time to time, new owners or myself have to postpone the collection date due to something cropping up (life tends to do this to everyone from time to time).  I am happy to juggle things and keep your kitten for an extra week with no charge.  After that if you havent arranged a collection date there will be a weekly charge for the kittens board at 10 pounds a week.  I would like to stress, the earlier you collect your kitten the better it is for the kitten and you to start your life together. 

Q/  Is my kitten registered with a registration body?

A/  Yes all Towanreef kittens are registered with TICA, an international registration body.  I register my kittens with TICA using their system TDS.  All kittens are registered in the breeders name (my name). The kitten will leave me with the TICA TDS "breeder slip" so you can transfer the ownership of the kitten into your own name.  If a pet client requires a tica registered pedigree it is best you do this yourself when you transfer the kitten into your own name.  Breeder clients will receive a tica pedigree.

Q/How did the Bengal develop?

A/The Bengal is a relatively new breed developed to have a desirable “wild” appearance with a gentle domestic temperament. The Bengal has the markings (spots, rosettes and a light/white tummy) and bone structure of the Asian Leopard Cat.

Q/ Is my kitten an f3/f4?


A/ I only breed sbt no early generations at this time... The earliest your kittens would be is a f6 from me. 

Q/What is an F1 or early generation Bengal and an SBT Bengal?

A/The Bengal is a hybrid breed developed over several generations starting with the Asian Leopard Cats. The first 3 generations are called F1, F2 and F3, short for “filial”. A Bengal with an ALC (Asian Leopard Cat) parent is called an F1 Bengal. Then an F1 who breeds with a domestic Bengal produces F2 kittens, and so on. F4 and later generations are considered domestic cats and are called Stud Book Tradition (SBT) Bengals. I do not breed early generation bengals. 

Q/Is the name Bengal from the Bengal tiger?

A/“Bengal” was taken from the scientific name of the Asian Leopard Cats, Prionailurus Bengalensis. The Bengal tiger has nothing to do with the Bengal cat or its ancestry or looks.

Q/What size will an adult Bengal grow to?

A/The Bengal is a domestic medium sized cat. An adult male can weigh up to 6-7kg and an adult female can weigh up to 4-6kg.

Q/ What is a Cashmere?

A/ A Cashmere is a semi longhair bengal.  The long hair gene is a recessive gene which means we need both parents to carry it to produce a Cashmere.  The hair is silky and flows along their body.  i think its beautiful.  There is only a small amount of Cashmere bengals breeders in the world.  so they are pretty special :-) We are the only breeders in the uk with a cashmere breeding program. 

Q/What do you feed the kittens?

A/I feed the kittens on porta21sensible grain free biscuits which is cereal free and with a high meat content.  I also feed all my cats and kittens raw from purrform and nutriment. You will be told which food your kitten is on when you come to visit. They occasionally enjoy porta21 tins and cosma tins which are a high quality tinned food.

Q/What colours and patterns do you breed at Towanreef?

A/ We breed brown and all three colours of snow only.  I prefer to keep to the more tradional colours.  I can produce browns in spots/rosettes and in marble.  And we can produce all three colours of snow, lynx, mink and sepia.  The snows will be spots/rosettes or marble pattern. I enjoy producing non glittered cats as i feel they look more wild.We have glittered and non glittered cats here.  i love producing the white tummies. Sorrels are also another favourite of mine.  We dont produce silver, blues or melanstic colours and no charcoal patterns here. 


Q/ What type of temperament does a bengal have?

A/ The bengal is a very interactive breed,  It likes helping you with everything.  So be prepared to have a "helper" when you are bushing your teeth, washing dishes and even getting dressed in the morning.  They are not couch potatoes that sleep all day.  They like water and enjoy playing fetch.  Their life is about being with you and watching or "helping" you with everything you do.  


Q/ Are they lap cats?

A/ Like all cat breeds, you will get some that like to be on your lap and some the prefer to sit close to you instead.  Depends on their characters, as with all breeds.


Q/ I noticed you rehome retired adults, can I ask for more details?. 

A/ People think parting with kittens is hard ... It is  but not as hard as parting with an adult i am retiring from my breeding program.  I will have owned the cat years, loved the cat, cared for the cat... It is hard to part with them. So finding the special home for one of my adults is very important to me.  I charge a small charge of 300 for an adult which covers the neutering  microchip, vaccs and worming all being up to date.  I require a 50 percent deposit to reserve an adult, with the rest being due on collection. I will not neuter a cat until I have a deposit. You are welcome to visit. In the case of a mum retiring after she has kittens, you can visit once the kittens are ready for visits, so around 5/6 weeks old.   If you think you can offer one of my cats a home in the future, please get in touch. 

Any other questions you may have that is not answered here,  please just ask.