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We are hobby breeders in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland in the UK producing quality kittens raised in our family home.  We breed brown and snow (lynx, mink and sepia) bengals.  We are the only breeder in the UK with a cashmere/long haired bengal breeding program.  All our kittens are well socialised bundles of love for you to take home to their forever home. 


12th February 2019 


Hello from me at Towanreef Bengals and of course all the kittens and cats here too.  I update my news here often with things that are happening in our household. We also have a facebook page called TOWANREEF BENGALS AND CASHMERES which I update regularly with photos (click on the facebook sign below to go to my page). 

We are delighted we have a litter from Kara and Mozzy.  Kara is being a fantastic mum and is raising 3 gorgeous bengal babies. Here is Kara babies page here

We are also delighted to annouce that Nessa and Mozzy have babies.  They are still tiny (not long born) and their details will go up on the website when the babies are a month old. 

You can contact me through my contact us page.   If you are interested in knowing a bit more about bengals and general information from us and more about our kittens, please look at our FAQs page, thanks. 


Kara x Mozzy's Bengal kittens - Please click on the photo to enter the kitten page

Kara x Mozzy's Bengal kittens - Please click on the photo to enter the kitten page

This weeks photo is of one of Kara x Mozzy's kitten.  I just love the shouty kitten photos. 
 Enjoy the photo :-)  



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