I have decided to make an information page to help my clients.

You can currently reserve kittens by using whats app which works well with my poor quality internet.  I regularly do videos, photo and text updates so we are always in touch. I offer kittens to my waiting lists by videos and then stay in regular contact with updates. 

At the moment i am only visits to my home for people who have reserved kittens.   This will depend on the litter,  this can be when they are out the nesting box or when they have had their first vaccs. 

I am high at risk as medically I cannot take the covid vaccine so I am being very careful to the risk to myself and my family.  I am the main carer of my animals and I cannot risk being ill. 

I currently following suggestions from licencing to make a dedicated area for visits and collections that i can disinfect before and after visits.  Because of this some home improvements have been made and we now have our new allocated visiting area available.  This area will have a separate entrance to my home which will help me with disinfection afterwards.

I have also taken the suggestion that use of the toilet while at my property will not be allowed.  There is plenty of garden centre and supermarkets, etc on the way to me in all directions so please stop and do one last toilet stop before arriving at my property,

We also have decided a limit of two people (unless you ask me)only during a visit. It can get too busy with lots people and hard to answer questions when such a large amount people visit. The area you will be in has windows all around so if you wish to bring more people they can of course wait in your car parked outside the area and show them the kitten through the window. 

I will give anyone visiting my home an allocated time.  You will have a time slot so i can disinfect before next visit or collection.  Please if you are running late, whats app or phone to update me. A visit is typically 45mins long. 

At collection time I will do the collection in my new visiting area.  I may ask you to wear your mask to reduce the risk to myself.  I will also be wearing my mask.  If ill please do not visit.

i will update this page if anything changes in my guidelines to working with Covid/visiting/collection with Towanreef Bengals and Cashmeres.  Thank you for being understanding about my health and working with me.


Last updated April 2023