Towanreef Perfection is from homebred girl Milli and homebred Freddie.  Polly is a stunning girl and I just love her type.  She is the sweetest character too.   She is just perfection.  Polly is pkdef normal.  Pra-b normal.  Pure for spot (does not carry marble). 

Brown Sugar Fast and Furious

DGC Casarocca Legilmens

SolanaRanch California

Awagati Slipstream

amantra Chiaroscuro

Awagati Rose Tatoo

Palnihills Dreamcatcher

Gogees Lancelot

callista wild flower

Glamshine Serafim

Takecare Fee

Suryabangala Zero Zero 7

Leocats Jenny Lou

Brotherwood Meant 2B4

WowBengals Welcome to the Jungle

Towanreef Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Fast and Furious

Awagati Slipstream

CH Solana Ranch Hopes and Dreams of Towanreef