Towanreef Back to the Future


Marty is home bred boy from our homebred girl Towanreef Brown Sugar and the italian import Gio.  I planned to keep a boy from Gio as Gio was sent to me as a different cat from what I requested, and the wrong colour. I had a few weeks earlier decided to keep Buzz (you can see his page on the studs page) but then Marty was born.  Oh no... I love him ... what do I do ..... so by the time he was a week old I had decided bugger it,  he is too good to go, he is staying.  Why you ask.... Marty reminded me soooo much of his great great grandfather, my all time favourite bengal.  Heady blew me away and I then arranged to import one of his daughters over from USA.... the rest you say is history. Marty reminded me so much of Heady ... so his name is a nod in his direction.  Head to the future (Heady) will live on in his great great grandson Towanreef Back to the Future ...aka Marty.   

Marty type blows me away.... his structure is fantastic and his flow of pattern is just lovely.   He is a seal mink snow rosetted boy who has a whited tummy with both sides of his pedigree carrying the white tummy gene. He is a sweet boy who loves to be up on my shoulder and rides there like a big parrot.  Marty is pkdef and prab normal.