TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION Unique Murtagh of Towanreef


TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION Unique Murtagh of Towanreef



Introducing my imported boy Murtagh from Denmark at Unique Bengals for such a lovely boy.  He has the most amazing head, fantastic profile and a lovely deep chin.  He has a lovely flow of pattern and nice sized rosettes.  He is a seal lynx/siamese snow gene carrier.  He is PKDef normal by parentage.  Really looking forward to watch this stunning boy grow into the big handsome boy he will become. I will add more photos of him as he matures.  He made CHAMPION which he acheived at TICA Oxford show in June 2013 and GRAND CHAMPION & DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION & TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION at TICA show at Brigg in August 2013.   

Murtagh's photos

Murtagh's Pedigree

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