1. Care


Your kitten has been veterinarian checked for general health, ear mites, fleas, and ticks and is in excellent health. Your new kitten was also given its primary vaccinations. He/she had one round of vaccinations at 9/10 weeks of age and the second at 12/13 weeks of age. Your kitten will need a booster at 12 months following the date on the Vaccination Record provided in your Kitten Pack, and again every year after.


Good pet insurance companies for you to look at are most supermarket pet insurance; Tesco pet insurance and Pet Plan are all good names. We have found they have the best coverage for pets and benefit to pet owners. 


Your kitten was wormed on at 9 weeks old with Profender Wormer and at a earlier age with panacur cat wormer. When your kitten is 6 months old, please worm again with a licenced wormer from your vets.


Although we recommend your kitten remain indoors or only be allowed limited access with strictly supervised visits outdoors, we understand that you are free to decide to what extent your kitten will be allowed access to the dangers an outdoor life presents. If your kitten is going to be outdoors or is in contact with outdoor animals, regular protection must be taken against worms, fleas and ear mites on a very regular basis. Should your kitten get fleas, it can be difficult to eradicate the problem as fleas tend to infest your carpets, bedding and soft furnishings along with your pet. Worms can cause havoc with your kitten’s digestive tract and overall health. Ear mites can cause bacterial infection and are very uncomfortable for your kitten to live with.


Your kitten has an amazing sense of smell. In fact his/her smell is 1000 times better than yours! For this reason, always keep your cat’s litter tray clean and in the same place. If the litter tray is too soiled or can’t be found, your kitten may begin looking for other areas to use as a toilet. We use corn based pellets litter which can be purchased in most pet or major grocery stores. We find it helps minimise odour and very easy to use, making it easy to keep the tray clean. General rules is a litter tray per cat plus one extra one.


Make yourself aware what is dangerous to your pets, check plants, lilies being very dangerous for all pets.


I am always available to answer any and all questions!!! You haven’t just bought a kitten and been left to fend with its upbringing all on your own. Should you ever need to call, I am here to help in any way that I can. If something your kitten is doing is confusing you or causing a worry, I will do our best to give you advice on how to sort the situation. If there are ever any questions that you have that I can’t answer, I will find the answer for you. I have access to numerous Bengal breeders and can readily tap into their countless years’ of experience to find information for you. I want you to be as happy with your new kitten as he/she is with you!


I want to stay in touch with you! I will always like to hear from you. I would also be extremely appreciative of any and all photos of your kitten as it grows into a full-blown Bengal or Cashmere cat. I loved your kitten while it was our baby and I will always be wondering how they are or what they grew up to look like. So please keep the pictures coming!!!! With your permission, I will even include a few of your photos on the Towanreef web site at www.towanreefbengals.com .


If for any reason your circumstances change and please contact me and together we will find a new home for your kitten/cat.