Towanreef One Vision... FREDDIE... was a long time coming, and years of planning.  I had a vision for the future but genetically it was hard to find, so decided to stop looking around the world for it and "make" my own.  I wanted a Cashmere carrier to move on the Cashmere breeding program,  and I wanted a pure for spot cat that didn't carry marble as there is lots of marble carriers within the cashmeres, and I wanted the boy to be snow or carry snow.  Then to add I wanted him to be pkdef and pra-b normal.   Freddie I think is one of the most genetically tested cats I've ever owned, lol.  Chris has tested him pure for spot.  I did a full coat test on him with ucdavis.  And Langford did the m4 long hair gene test and the two health tests for pkdef and pra-b.  Freddie is very special and the sweetest lad there is.  He got a couple of weeks off top up milk from me as his mum Kara didn't have alot of milk.  The result Freddie thinks humans are just the best thing.  They bring food and cuddles... Life is just wonderful.   I love his body type, head and most of all his character.  He will produce us lovely bengal and Cashmere kittens in the future and move my Cashmere breeding program to the next step.  Exciting times ahead. 

Brown Sugar Fast and Furious

DGC Casarocca Legilmens

bali-bengal D'Intrepid Traveller

TGC Casarocca Shanti Takea

SolanaRanch California

GR EUR CH Rosetta Timber Byte

Beauxmondes Innocent Bystander

Awagati Slipstream

amantra Chiaroscuro

legacie white gold

amantra Apache princess

Awagati Rose Tatoo

CH Stonehenge Rolling Stone

Awagati Raw Desire

Palnihills Dreamcatcher

Gogees Lancelot

Gogees Sundaze child

Abamdu Breakdancer of Gogees

callista wild flower

legacie Poseidon of callista

gogees aveda of callista

Glamshine Serafim

Glameshine Charming Vallenok

Glamshine Aquatory

Takecare Fee

Bali-Bengal G Butch Cassidy

Take Care's Daily Terror