Towanreef Bengals and Cashmere Cats - FOOD

Your kitten is being fed porta21 sensible grain free adult biscuits (yes they are eating mums biscuits happily).  I feed the kittens raw from nutriment, pure just chicken being the favourite and purrform kitten, they like the chicken one and the rabbit one. Your kitten needs free access to biscuits at all times so they can snack when they choose.  Three times a day give your kitten a meal some raw from nutriment/purrform each meal (heaped soup spoon three times daily).  I  give cosma Nature (all flavours) tins (kitten and adult) a couple of times a week as a treat.  

The best thing to feed Bengals as a treat is meat.  Mine have day old chicks which can be bought from any pet shop dealing with reptiles. They also have chicken wings which can be bought from any supermarket.   Buy the value packs of chicken wings, these are best as the bones are small and easier for your kitten/cat to crunch and get the marrow.  Your kitten is used to getting chicken wings and day old chicks as treats all ready. Just give your kitten/cat a treat 3 times a week.  

Kitten milk upsets a kittens’s stomach, so do not give this to your kitten.

You can get porta21 sensible from

Cosma tins can be bought from and for your cats raw food.