Berry's Kittens


Towanreef Berrylicious is our homebred girl out of Towanreef Poppy (also homebred) and our gorgeous double regional winner, RW SGC SGCA Guyus Towanreef Fearghus.  Berry was mated to Hamish, our pure for spotting snow mink boy.  All kittens will carry for snow, either the siamese gene or the burmese gene.  I am happy to test for breeder enquiries. All kittens are pkdef normal by parentage.

Berry had a gorgeous pile of babies on the 10th July 2014.  She gave birth late evening and into the early hours.  She is coping well with her large brood of six kittens.

We have two brown rosetted girls and four brown rosetted boys.  

Photos - first set of photos taken once their eyes have opened.  Starting their bengal fuzzies already, 14 days old.  
Second set of photos, 10 weeks and in the horrible bengal fuzzies, lol. 


Video - No collar girl - 3rd August

Video - White Collared Girl - 3rd August

Video - Brown collared boy - 3rd August

Video - Bronze collared boy - 3rd August

Video - black collared boy - 3rd August

Video - Yellow collared boy - 3rd August