Arriving home


Cats are active animals in their very nature. They like to climb, run, jump, dive and take part in just about every other fast, wild, and extreme sport you can think of! You will want to provide your new kitten access to a climbing frame, a scratching post, a hiding place, etc. Bengals/Cashmeres love to be high above the ground to get a good view of the area. They love to climb up onto shelves, the tops of doors, or the top shelf of your wardrobe.


You can find excellent climbing frames, scratch posts, and beds in pet stores or you can build your own or even get one of ebay. Basically what your kittens needs is a way up and down (like a centre wooden pole or a wooden ladder), a resting perch (a flat base that they can lounge on, safely jump down from, and even nap on from time to time) and ideally a place to scratch at. Cats’ claws have a flaky outer layer and they need to remove the outer layer from time to time so they scratch. Sisal rope and the jute backing of most carpets are both ideal for this. If you are building your own scratching post from carpet, make sure to check for shredding over from time to time.


Bengals also ADORE water. It can be running, still, deep or shallow but as long as it’s water, Bengals are interested in it. You might well find your new kitten in the bathroom basin, in the toilet (so keep your lids down!) or in your bath or shower. They don’t test the water before they stick a paw, or worse- their whole bodies!, into the water so you must take special care to make sure that hot, scalding water is not accessible by them! You should also take special care not to leave deep pools of water unattended like your kitchen sink when washing up, your bathtub, toilet, etc.


Cats HATE being surprised!! This is an especially handy thing to know if your kitten is acting inappropriately or in a place that is forbidden to him/her.


Bengals adore playing fetch or tag or any other game that involves a sudden burst of energy. They love wand sticks with a toy hanging off the end. Toys are a great investment for your new kitten but, just like human children, you may find that they prefer the box the toy came in to the actual toy itself! They are fascinated by scrunched up balls of paper, cardboard boxes and bottle tops! Although cats love interacting with their humans, they also love for their “wild” side to be stimulated. A fantastic toy that does just this is any kind of soft toy that is attached by a string or line to a stick or fishing pole. This separates the human from the toy and your kitten can much more easily pretend he/she is on the hunt!


Most importantly, enjoy the time spent with your kitten! They’re there to love and entertain you even though they think it’s the other way around!