Palnihills Dreamcatcher (Mac)


Mac is our import boy (our first import) from Palnihills Bengals in Germany.  Mac's pedigree name is Dreamcatcher but I wanted something Scottish. I watch Greys Anatomy and there is a character called MacDreamy.   So .... Mac.    A (Mac)Dream come true.  He is totally gorgeous, great type, amazing contrast.  WOW. Mac is a brown rosetted boy that carries for the burmese gene.   Mac is PKdef normal and PRA-b normal.

New news ..... we recently decided to test Mac if he carried the agouti and the ALC agouti gene ... we are delighted to say he is apb/A .... a charcoal carrier. 

Mac attended his first adult TICA show at Brigg 2012.  He was placed 2 best of breed and 3rd best of breed in two rings.  Proud of my young man. 




Mac's photos

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