RW SGC & RW SGCA Guyus Towanreef Fearghus



Fearghus was brought over from Guyus Bengals in Ireland to be our new stud cat. He was everything I was looking for in a new boy, type, contrast, well defined rosettes and shoulder markings - stunning boy. Unfortunately Fearghus has an accident at 11 months old and had to be neutered due to a strangulated testicle.  Fearghus had one litter here before his accident with our homebred girl Towanreef Poppy.  We his two daughters here to keep his line going, Towanreef Berrylicious and Towanreef Rowan.  Both girls are stunning and we are very pleased with them. Fearghus is staying here at Towanreef Bengals as our pet.

Fearghus' show page can be seen here





He also made QUAD GRAND CHAMPION in his second TICA show.  
Fearghus has made SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION at his third TICA show at only 10 months old. 
Well done my handsome man. 

Fearghus went to his first show as a neutered boy and made CHAMPION ALTER & GRAND CHAMPION ALTER over the weekend.

Fearghus had an amazing second show as an alter. He came home with a wonderful 7 finals over the weekend. He took the 3 day show in his stride. He made DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION ALTER, TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION ALTER & QUAD GRAND CHAMPION ALTER. What a star.

Fearghus had an excellent day at the July show at Brigg, seven finals in which two of the finals he got first best cat. He also SUPREMED and also was best alter cat at the show.  WOW, what a show. 

...............................EXCITING NEWS ...........................................

Guyus Towanreef Fearghus has achieved the following : -

He is 8th Regional SH cat and 4th Regional BOB (achieved in only 3 shows), 3rd best of colour and .....
he is also 18th Regional Alter and 2nd Regional BOB Alter :-)

TWO REGIONAL TITLES 2011-2012 - Way to go Fearghus

We are totally delighted (and a bit gob smacked) to be honest. So proud of our darlng boy





Fearghus' pedigree

RW SGC & RW SGCA Guyus Towanreef Fearghus

GCH Akerrs Rebel Yell

GRC Starbengal Damon of Junglekatz

Silvergene's Splendor of starbengal

Starbengal Queen Rania

Akerrs Chrysalis

CH Rosettea Crystal Prizm of Akerrs

Rosettea Go Safari Nix

Millwood Crystal Clear of Rosettea

Goldspurr's Caridwen of Akerrs

CH Baliwick Captain Midnight

Goldspurr Blythespirit

Jater Tiponi of Guyus

althatglitrs New Sensation of Jater

RW QGC Snopride Trust Wurthy of Junglejem

RW OS SGC Stongehenge Wurththawate

Beachbengals Shering of Snopride

Gogees Priestess of Althatglitrs

Gogees Custom Built of Zephyros

Gogees L Oreal

Calcatta Sweetpea of Jater

RW SGC Calcutta's Custom Made

Silvergene's splendor of Starbengal


Calcatta Pixel

CH Millwood Gigabyte

Calcatta aftermath of Aaiyah