Towanreef Daryla


Daryla was a bit of a surprise.  Her Mum Neera miscarried 2 fetus half way through her pregnancy to Amaury but I was sure she still had "something in there".  I was right.  Out popped Daryla but poor Neera didnt have a clue what to do with the squeaky bundle .... So in steps me and I start to bottle feed her.  I was very lucky that Summer had a litter of kittens that was 2 weeks older and Summer didnt feed Daryla (that was my job) but was happy to cuddle up with her and clean her along beside her kittens.  Without Summer and her kittens interacting with Daryla I am sure the bottle feeding would not have been a success.  Kittens need interaction and being in with Summer and her kittens was a life saver for Daryla.  It was very hard feeding every 2 hours day and night for 7 weeks but we survived to tell the tale and couldnt be more proud that she is here.  Now the exciting part .... at around 2 weeks old Daryla went into her bengal fuzzies, the worst fuzzies I have ever seen.  By the time she was 3 weeks old no was no doubt about it Daryla was a cashmere (longhair bengal).  I decided to send DNA of her mum Neera to confirm that she was a Cashmere carrier, she was.  I am so delighted.  So Daryla is our first ever homeborn Cashmere here at Towanreef.  She is very special and I could not part with her for all the tea in China.  I will add photos here as she grows.  She is truly a stunning girl and worth every second of the hard work in the first weeks helping her stay alive.  Daryla is a mink marble cashmere and is pkdef normal and pra-b normal by parentage.


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