With this on going covid pandemic I have decided to make an information page to help my clients.

At the moment i am not allowing home visits to my home.  I am high at risk as medically I cannot take the vaccine so I am being very careful to the risk to myself and my family.  I am the main carer of my animals and I cannot risk being ill. 

You can currently reserve kittens by using whats app which works well with my poor quality internet.  I regularly do videos, photo and text updates so we are always in touch. I offer kittens to my waiting lists by videos and then stay in regular contact with updates. 

At collection time I will do the collection outside and I ask you to wear your mask to reduce the risk to myself.  I will also be wearing my mask.  We will sit outside and go over everything with you which is following on from the information on my website and also what i have told you on whats app. This has worked well for me since the first covid outbreak in March 2020.

i will update this page if anything changes in my guidelines to working with Covid with Towanreef Bengals and Cashmeres. I hope by the end of this year with more people having vaccs and hopefully less variants of the disease being out there that things can move on to the new normal.  I have plans in place to have an indoor area i can fog machine after a visit i am looking to the future. This is difficult for all of us... the important thing is to stay safe.


Last updated September 2021